Coco and Co

The guy whos jazzing
You hear
Ah how he saxes
He's high
As a kite
Coco and Co
One of
His collegues
At the pia-
No the one who's playing
Him it's coke
Coco and Co
On the
The one who's playing
It's e-
Ther that he likes
You didn't
See he's out
Coco and Co
On the drums
The one who's beating
He's the
Best he's a pal
For him it's
The poppy flower
Coco and Co
The one who's
Not playing who's sipping
It's one
Of the guys from the Blue Note
But for him
That would be more

Le gars qui jazzote
Ah comme il saxote
Il est
Camé à Zéro
Coco and co

Un de
Ses compatriotes
Au pia-
No ç'ui qui pianote
Lui c'est la coco
Coco and Co

A la
Ç'ui qui croqu'note
C'est l'é-
Ther lui qui lui botte
T'as pas
Vu il est K.O.
Coco and Co

Aux drums
Celui-là qui tapote
C'est un
Crack c'est un pote
Lui c'est
La fleur de pavot
Coco and Co

Ç'ui qui
Joue pas qui sirote
C'est un
Des gars du Blue Note
Mais lui
Ça s'rait plutôt la

English translation ©2006 Alex Chabot