Hold Up

I came to steal from you
One hundred million kisses
One hundred million kisses
In little burns
In little bites
In little cuts

If you don't want to give them to me
I'll be forced to tie you up
And that will cause on your wrists
Little burns
Little bites
Little cuts

Now that I have your kisses
All that's left for me is to take off
And for you to forget
Those little burns
Those little bites
Those little cuts
Je suis venu pour te voler
Cent millions de baisers
Cent millions de baisers
En petit's brûlures
En petit's morsures
En petit's coupures

Si tu ne veux pas m' les donner
J's'rai forcé de t'attacher
Et ça t'f'ra aux poignets
Des petit's brûlures
Des petit's morsures
Des petit's coupures

Maintenant que j'ai tes baisers
Il m' reste plus qu'à m' tailler
Et toi à oublier
Tes petit's brûlures
Tes petit's morsures
Tes petit's coupures

English translation ©2011 Alex Chabot

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