Le claqueur des doigts (The Finger Snapper)

Juke boc
I snap my fingers
In front'a juke-boxes
I'm snapping my fingers
In front'a the juke-box

When they aren't wandering over you
I dunno what to do with my ten fingers
So I snap snap snap
In front of the juke-box

I've still got for that machine
Some change in my blue jeans
I gotta burn
Burn burn burn1

Oh Slyvia look at me
Who'se that guy checking you out
I'v had enough of it2
Enough enough enough of this guy
If he ever comes near the juke-box
I'll smash his face in front of the juke-box3
J’suis claqueur de doigts
D'vant les juke-box 
Je claque des doigts
D'vant les juke-box

Quand ils s’baladent pas sur toi
Je n’sais qu’faire de mes dix doigts
Alors j’les claque claque claque
Devant le juke-box

J’ai encore pour la machine
D’la mitraille dans mes blue-jeans
Faut que j’la claque
Claque claque claque
Devant le juke-box

Oh Sylvie regarde-moi
Qui est c’type qui t’fait du plat
J’en ai ma claque
Claque claque claque de ce gars
Si jamais il s’approche du juke-box
J’lui claquerai la gueule devant le juke-box 

1 Suddenly the meaning of 'claque' is no longer snap but 'claquer de l'argent,' or to burn through money. So when G. says 'claque claque claque' here, he might mean 'to snap one's fingers'
or 'to spend' money, or both.  

2 Another meaning of claque here in the form of 'en avoir sa claque' or, have my fill of it. 

3 A third, and for this song final, meaning of 'claquer,' this time to smack or punch (la gueule) someone's face.

English translation ©2011 Alex Chabot

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